“I believe in the simple mission of Friends Forever to create trust, empathy, and friendships among cultures in conflict by working with international and local youth leaders and have seen my father practice this simple concept my whole life. My great desire is to do my part to carry on his legacy in this mission.”

Bob Raiche, Jr., Board Treasurer

Current Position:

  • Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Aireus Inc.

Previous Experience:

  • 1997-2010 Micros Systems, INC.

    • Served as SVP of Global and Corporate Quality & Productivity, SVP North America, VP East, GM Northeast

  • 1989-1997

    • Worked for various hospitality related point of sale resellers
      Held positions including Dealer Manager, General Manager, and Sales

  • Prior to 1989

    • Worked as a restaurateur, franchise operator, and restaurant owner

Community Involvement:

  • 1999-2010 Connecticut Restaurant Association.

    • Served on Membership, Nominating and Event committees.

  • 1980’s Big Brother Association of North Shore, MA.

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