Alumni Team 2019

Our alumni are our strongest asset. Alumni engagement has been a core component to FFI’s success over the last several years. In 2012, we brought back our first alumni to the United States to assist with programs. By the end of 2019, we will have brought back over 30 alumni as program counselors and interns with more coming every year. This summer, we will have 14 alumni supporting FFI with 11 coming from Israel, Northern Ireland, and Cyprus, and 3 from our local Rochester, NH school partner. These alumni will be not only working with our new teams and in the office but also engaging on their own next level leadership development program as well as meeting as many individuals that want to learn more about who they are. Finally, our objective is to have them volunteer with over 50 organizations in New England. By volunteering, we mean everything from working for a day at a summer camp to spending a week residing at an assisted facility and supporting program staff there. If you are interested in connecting with them, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Amelia Burke, at

2019 Summer Fellows (click their pictures to learn more!)
Robyn 2019.jpg
Robyn, '19 Morse Fellow

Robyn is studying in Belfast, following her goal to become a doctor and work with Doctors without Borders. She is learning Arabic and Hebrew in order to explore the culture, arts, and music. Robyn is working as a lifeguard at the Laganvalley Leisureplex in Lisburn with the local council and holds a voluntary post as a swimming teacher with Lisburn City Swimming Club’s ‘Learn to Swim’ school. There, she is working with children and a group of young people with disabilities.

Jessica, '18 Raiche Fellow

Learn about Jessica on the Raiche Fellow page!

Aya, '17 Foley Fellow

Learn about Aya on the Foley Fellow page!

Diamando, '18 Cyprus Program

Diamando is currently studying for a master’s degree in International Relations and working in a telecommunications company. Since participating in the first Cyprus team, she has become a community leader on the developing a sustainable FFI Cyprus program. Diamando is passionate about her work with youth in Cyprus and is excited to be returning to the US for the summer to build connections. She hopes to learn more about international relations and how to design a sustainable program for young people.

Hagar 2019.jpg
Hagar, '17 Middle East Program

Hagar is a high school senior studying in Arava. Since her time with FFI, she has focused on the idea that every person can make a change. With this in mind, Hagar works at her kibbutz’s kindergarten (a kibbutz is a collective community based on agriculture). She also volunteers when she can for animal rights causes, including acting as a trainer with the movement Challenge 22, which helps people switch to a vegan lifestyle.

Eden 2019.jpg
Eden, '08 Middle East Program

Eden was a part of our first team from Israel in 2008. He is currently studying for his Bachelors of Education focusing on history and informal education. He is a researcher with a cyber security startup. In his free time, Eden volunteers with multiple education programs and cares for the finances of the city kibbutz (a kibbutz is a collective community) he lives in.

Yuval 2019.png
Yuval, '17 Middle East Program

Yuval is finishing high school this year. He is also working as a manager at an arcade place in a local mall in the city. 60% of the customers are Arabs and Yuval credits his FFI experience for allowing him to interact comfortably with them and speak to them in their own language. When they ask how he speaks Arabic so well, he tells them about FFI. Yuval hasn’t decided what he’d like to pursue as a career, but knows he wants to help people, perhaps as a coach or police officer.

Abbie 2019.jpg
Abbie, '16 Europe/UK Program

Abbie is still in school full-time but is looking ahead to forging a path as a primary school teacher. She is passionate about sports, especially football (soccer), and also plans to get a sports degree so she can coach youth. Abbie has facilitated several sports based programs and enjoys helping her participants succeed and learn about their strengths. She will be leading an FFI team this October from Belfast.

Clayton 2018.PNG
Clayton, '15 Europe/UK Program

Clayton is currently working as a personal trainer for a social enterprise called Belfast Child. This job means that he has the chance to help people achieve their various goals in life. Clayton has remained active with FFI since his program, leading workshops for our teams from New Hampshire that travel to Northern Ireland and he returned to New Hampshire in the Fall of 2018 as a Fellow.

Una 2019.jpg
Úna, '17 Europe/UK Program

Currently, Úna is studying drama at the University of Ulster in Derry and living away from home. She is involved in different plays and a short film. Although she is interested in becoming an actress, Úna is also exploring becoming a teacher. She participated in the first FFI team that was focused on positively integrating immigrants and existing communities in Portadown, Northern Ireland.

Yoav, '17 Middle East Program

Yoav is finishing up his senior year in high school. He plans to transition to a year of community service after his summer in the US. Yoav is considering a career as an educator, someone who helps young people break down barriers and form connections.

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